Broadway Streetscape Project

Project Goals

  • Improve traffic safety for all street users and pedestrian and bicycle access on Broadway from St. James Street to Grand Street.
  • Improve transit and traffic flow through signalization optimization from St. James Street to Foxhall Avenue.
  • Enhance aesthetics of the business corridor with new sidewalks, lighting, street furniture, and bicycle facilities.
  • Incorporate green infrastructure including bioswales and trees in the sidewalks to redirect stormwater away from the drainage system.
Development Status: Design
bway streetscape map

Kingston Point Rail Trail

Once complete*, the Kingston Point Rail Trail will provide a safe, accessible pedestrian and bicycle route from the Rondout waterfront to Midtown Kingston. The trail traverses multiple neighborhoods and offers stunning views of the Kingston Point Light House, Hudson River, and Rondout Creek Harbor. A restored 19th century railroad tunnel and shared trolley section along the waterfront highlight Kingston's historic railroad legacy. Visit the Trolley Museum of New York website to find out more information about Kingston's tourist trolley line.


*Phase 2 of the Kingston Point Rail Trail project (between Garraghan Dr. and the Trolley Museum) is in its design phase and is expected to complete construction in 2020. In the meantime, trail users can utilize on-road connections to access the waterfront portion of the trail, which have undergone pedestrian and cycling improvements throught the Waterfront Shared Streets Project.

Development Status: Build

Midtown Linear Park

The Ulster County Midtown Linear Park (MLP) will be an 0.8-mile asphalt pedestrian/bike trail in the City of Kingston along the County's abandoned Ulster & Delaware Railroad Corridor from the east side of Cornell Street to Westbrook Lane. Currently in its planning phase, a temporary trail of crushed stone is open to the public between Kingston Plaza and Downs St. 

The MLP provides improved pedestrian and bicycle access to high quality, affordable food and other shops and services for residents in Midtown. This recreational amenity and parkspace will promote healthier, safer and stronger communities by improving quality of life for families and children in Midtown Kingston.


Development Status: Planning
mlp map

O&W Rail Trail Connection

This section of the Kingston Greenline starts in Uptown Kingston at the parking lot of the Super 8 Motel on Washington Ave. and continues to the Town of Hurley and beyond on the 25.9 mile long O&W Rail Trail

As of 2019, Ulster County has completed its Final Design Report for the NYSDOT and is in the process of acquiring right-of-way for the project. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2020 if permanent easements can be acquired in a timely manner. The undeveloped trail is currently open to the public.



Development Status: Planning
o&w map

Hasbrouck Delaware Parklet

The Hasbrouck-Delaware Parklet is a small, community-oriented greenspace along the Kingston Greenline in Midtown.

The hardscape phase of the Hasbrouck-Delaware Parklet wrapped up in December 2018 and included construction of sidewalks, crosswalks on speed tables, extension of the park area and re-orientation of the roadway intersection, clearing of brush, addition of topsoil, and planting of grass to stabilize the slopes and avoid erosion. The Kingston Land Trust is also working with the City of Kingston to fund a staircase to connect the site to the Kingston Point Rail Trail, near the entrance to the trail's tunnel under the intersection.

The landscape design of the Parklet was done by KaN Landscape Design Inc., and funded with a grant from Hudson River Valley Greenway - Greenway Conservancy Program Grant to the Kingston Land Trust. KaN also donated many additional hours of professional services to the design of the project, along with other members of the Community Design Workgroup of the Kingston Greenline Committee. The Kingston Land Trust is currently fundraising for the landscape implementation phase of the project, including installation of plantings and preparations for future amenities.



Development Status: Build
parklet map

Empire State Trail

Construction of the Empire State Trail through Kingston includes pedestrian and biking infrastructure improvements on Route 32, Greenkill Ave., North St., and the Hudson Landing area.

Development Status: Design
est map

Midtown Shared Streets

The Midtown Shared Streets project includes the installation of trafic calming features to improve pedestrian and bicycle saftety and access including crosswalks, bicycle sharrows (shared arrows), and signs that alert motorists to pedestrian crossing, bicycles in the road, and the Kingston Greenline route. The project focuses on Cornell, Ten Broeck, Foxhall, and Jansen Ave. 


Development Status:
Midtown Shared Streets