Project Goals

  • Improve traffic safety for all street users and pedestrian and bicycle access on Broadway from St. James Street to Grand Street.
  • Improve transit and traffic flow through signalization optimization from St. James Street to Foxhall Avenue.
  • Enhance aesthetics of the business corridor with new sidewalks, lighting, street furniture, and bicycle facilities.
  • Incorporate green infrastructure including bioswales and trees in the sidewalks to redirect stormwater away from the drainage system.

This project renovates Broadway from East St. James Street to Grand Street and will include:

  • new ADA accessible sidewalks
  • paving of the entire roadway
  • new street lane configuration for parking, bikes, and vehicles that improve safety for all users
  • synchronized traffic lights that will move vehicular traffic more quickly at a consistent, safe speed
  • new traffic and wayfinding signs
  • 49 bioswales that divert stormwater from flowing into the Rondout Creek, reduce the stormwater volume that goes to the city’s water treatment plant and improve water quality, and add greenery
  • 2 interpretive panels that explain the bioswales
  • 22 benches
  • 76 new healthy street trees that are appropriate for the environment and will not heave the sidewalk
  • 235 deciduous shrubs, 1470 herbaceous plants
  • 23 trash and 23 recycling cans
  • 28 bike racks


Broadway Streetscape: continuing paver installations along the north side. PLB continues with sidewalk and curb grading including bioswale installation. Additional plantings and watering are scheduled this week. 

Broadway Sewer: Work continues on connecting laterals including removing old lead water lines. Reconstruction of the south side should start block by block this week. Traffic patterns during the work hours will shift back and forth as work is being done on both sides of the road.


Current development status
bway streetscape map