Although trail construction and infrastructure projects have distinct completion dates, there will always be opportunities to add layers of improvements and community programming to the Kingston Greenline. The Hasbrouck-Delaware Parklet is a wonderful example of how the concept of the Greenline can be expanded to support neighborhood amenities and activate open space. The Kingston Land Trust and other community organizations will continue to identify and develop opportunities to improve the Greenline System.

The Greenline is an incredibly safe way to navigate Kingston for responsible users.

As with any public street or area, be aware of your surroundings and follow posted rules. When cycling, be sure to follow standard bike safety guidelines and always wear a helmet. Learn more about bike safety here.

Please be aware that ticks and poison ivy can be found along the Greenline trails and take appropriate precautions. For your safety and theirs, do not approach or feed wild animals you encounter along the trail.

  • Learn more about avoiding and treating poison ivy here.

  • Learn more about ticks and tick-borne illness prevention here.

To report property damage, maintenence issues, or other problems along the trail sections of the Kingston Greenline, use the City of Kingston's Request Submission Page.


For emergencies, dial 911.

The Kingston Greenline is a joint initiative of the Kingston Land Trust, City of Kingston, and Ulster County.

The Kingston Land Trust (KLT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and providing access to open space in Kingston and surrounding municipalities. The KLT supports public awareness and participation in public infrastructure projects while working to build connections between people and the land in Kingston. The KLT serves as the "community partner" of the Kingston Greenline initiative and supports communications, outreach, development, and management of the system in coordination with the City of Kingston and Ulster County. Visit the KLT's Greenline page to learn more about their efforts to support the initiative.

The majority of streets and trails that make up the Kingston Greenline are on City of Kingston property. The City of Kingston sources and manages a number of state and federal grants for Greenline projects and other related transportation infrastructure improvements around the City. The Live Well Kingston Comission and Complete Streets Advisory Council activley work to support the Kingston Greenline and making Kingston more walkable and bikable city. Visit the City of Kingston's Greenline page to learn more.

Ulster County has played a key role in development of rail trails and support of non-motorized transportation in Kingston and surrounding municipalities. The Ulster County Trails Advisory Committee reviews the economic development, tourism and recreation benefits for Ulster County and communities along various routes and advises the Ulster County Legislature on trail-related issues. The Midtown Linear Park section of the county-owned U&D rail corridor, a mixed-use asset that supports two tourist train operations, a rail bike section, and now the developing Ashokan Rail Trail. Learn more about the revitalization of the U&D corridor on the County's Rails and Trails page.


Like City parks, off-road/trail sections (e.g. Kingston Point Rail Trail and Midtown Linear Park) are open from dawn til dusk. Currently, all sections of the Kingston Greenline are open year round, although some trails may not receive regular snow and ice clearing during the winter.

Like all City streets, on-road sections of the Greenline system are open 24/7, 365 days a year.

All motor vehicles (except for maintenance or emergency purposes) are strictly prohibited on the off-road sections of the Kingston Greenline. ATV and off-road traffic causes excessive mud, ruts, and habitat damage that negatively impacts the trail experience of cyclists and pedestrians.

The Kingston Greenline is a developing network of bike and pedestrian friendly transportation routes connecting Kingston's neighborhoods and commercial districts. There are distinct 'trail' sections along former rail corridors forming the backbone of the network (e.g. the O&W Connector Trail, Midtown Linear Park, and Kingston Point Rail Trail). There are also on-road portions made up of "complete streets", which have built in biking and pedestrian infrastructure such as ADA accessible sidewalks, bike lanes, signage, and traffic calming measures. Check out this map to learn more about Kingston Greenline routes.

The City of Kingston and Ulster County provide maintenance as needed on trail/off-road sections of the Kingston Greenline system in their respective jurisdictions. The on-road sections of the Kingston Greenline are already incorporated into regular street maintenance conducted by the City of Kingston Department of Public Works.

In 2018, the Kingston Land Trust produced a Management Plan Framework for the Kingston Greenline with funding from from the New York State Conservation Partnership Program (NYSCPP) and New York’s Environmental Protection Fund. The NYSCPP is administered by the Land Trust Alliance, in coordination with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The Kingston Land Trust is currently working with the City of Kingston to develop a Management Plan for the Kingston Point Rail Trail using the Management Plan Framework as a foundation. 

Trail Rangers, a volunteer group organized by the Kingston Land Trust, conducts monthly trail monitoring walks on the trail portions of the Greenline to identify maintenance concerns and report them to the appropriate municipality. Based on observations from trail monitoring, the Kingston Land Trust organizes volunteer clean up events to address litter and invasive plant species. Check out the Kingston Greenline Events Page for opportunities to get involved with Trail Rangers!

Most often, design (landscape, hardscape, aesthetic choices, etc.) of the Kingston Greenline is done by consultants hired by the City of Kingston through a Request For Proposal process on a project-by-project basis. Public meetings  and input from community stakeholders is a requirement for consultants during the design process of most of the City's public projects.

Through the professional services of KaN Landscape Design Inc., the Kingston Land Trust has been developing Design Guidelines for the Kingston Greenline in an effort to ensure consistency, appropriate character, and community influenced design as separate projects develop. Over the next year, KaN will be collecting community input around public design and the Kingston Greenline to incorporate into the Design Guidelines. Once complete, this document will serve as a guide for designers of future Greenline projects.

Yes! We are currently working on translating the Kingston Greenline website in to Spanish and will announce to the community once the project is completed.

Future signage along the Greenline will also be in both English and Spanish.

While enjoying the Kingston Greenline, please take the following precautions to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our area:

  • Practice social/physical distancing (maintain 6 ft of space between yourself and others, 10ft if windy). Go alone or with household members
  • Stay home if you are sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
  • Avoid touching your face and shared public surfaces. Bring alcohol spray or hand sanitizer to sterilize your hands and surfaces
  • Check local, state and federal guidance related to the COVID-19 outbreak before you go, as the situation and recommendations are evolving quickly. For the most up to date federal guidance, see the CDC website.